We are located on the East Side of Skibowl, also known as the Multorpor side. 

Our private yurt has shelving for lunch storage as well as complimentary hot cocoa and coffee. During the day, an employee is present in the event a child needs to return from class to warm up their toes.

The nearby Multorpor lodge has WiFi, restrooms, a cafeteria and grill as well and a family friendly bar area in the upstairs. Curl up in front of their fire and read a book while your child enjoys the lessons!


From East Bound 26-

  • Enter Government Camp and continue through town until the first stop sign. There is a blue pub on the right called Charlies' as well as signs to Skibowl East.
  • Turn Right at the stop sign and continue down the hill and over the bridge. Park in the Skibowl East parking lot.
  • Utilize the moving carpet next to the tubing hill to ascend and go around the Multorpor lodge.
  • The yurt and a small staff building is visible from the front of the Multorpor lodge. Head on in and start the registration process!

Know before you go

The yurt has-

  • Heaters
  • Water and Hot Cocoa with coffee in the mornings
  • Glove Dryers
  • Benches and Tables for lunch
  • Shelves to store bags on and hooks to hang jackets up to dry

The yurt does not have-

  • A bathroom. It's a short hike down to the lodge.
  • Your lunch, you have to bring that or purchase it at the lodge.
  • A built in babysitter in case your child decides not to ski. We will call you if this occurs.
  • A stone fireplace.
  • A place for your dog or cat. Please leave them at home as the yurt can get loud and there are a lot of heavy snow boots clomping around! 
Click here to read our helpful ski teacher's tips!

Click here to read our helpful ski teacher's tips!

Skibowl Terrain

Skibowl has some challenging terrain that we carefully prepare our classes for. Many of the 'easy' runs require traversing potentially difficult slopes. This is why all of our students must be able to stop, turn, side step and 'duck walk' before using the chair lift.

While many ski schools have moved to utilizing magic carpets to limit frustration at the beginning of the learning process, we have found that this movement foundation as well as awareness on skis is critical to later development in the sport.

Please be prepared that a 'chair lift' student may begin in our Red ('Foundations') or Green ('Beginning') classes that start outside the yurt and at the rope tow, respectively. 

To learn more about our different class levels, please click here.

Our goal is to teach children that want to ski and snowboard for life, and we believe the best way to do that is to progress at the child's individual level to build their confidence. Remember that the hardest thing to learn on skis the first day is how to get back up when you fall!