Level 1

Our level 1 classes are are designed for individuals who have just started to ski. At this level, we introduce children to skiing who have never been on skis before or re-introduce the basics to children that may have had a class or two in previous years, but need a refresher.

At this level they will learn how to put their skis on, take them off, and carry them on their own.

Stand up after falling down without assistance

Glide on a relatively flat plane


Level 2

At the level 2 class, we apply the skills learned from level 1 to really solidify stopping on a slight slope, gliding across flats, and beginning to turn. We also ensure students can move about on skis or a snowboard up and down slight hills, so waiting in a line on skis does not become a pile of giggling kids.


Level 3

By level 3, our students have moved over to the private rope tow for our classes where they will learn how to stop on a 'Green Trail' difficulty slope as well as link turns. 

Please keep in mind that the Ski Bowl terrain is more challenging than other 'beginner' hills that kids may be exposed to on Mt. Hood. How wide the trails are combined with pitch can cause a sensation of vertigo and spook even the most intrepid youngster, which is why our students spend a longer period of time on an intermediate, rope-tow powered hill within Level 3.


Level 4

At level 4, students are introduced to the chair and begin to complete 'Easy' or 'Green' runs such as High Road, Low Road and Easy Street. As students progress out of this level, they are placed into Level 5, 6 and 7 classes.


Level 5

At level 5, students are beginning to link turns on more difficult 'Blue' or intermediate terrain such as 'Spotlight' and 'Wildfire.' Depending on a child's ability to confidently control their skis, more technical aspects of skiing are introduced such as transitioning out of the wedge and into a more parallel stance.

Mogul busters does offer class levels that can accommodate experienced skiers and snowboarders. These classes are formed out of our Level 4 and Level 5 skier and boarders. These advanced classes cannot be initially registered for. This ensures that we do not accelerate a child's experience past their ability. If you believe that your child could perform at an advanced level upon their first lesson, then please request they are 'skied off' for placement/

We expect our advanced skiers and riders to be fluent" in the mountain responsibility codes, be confident on all levels of terrain up to Black Diamonds and be in a parallel stance while skiing instead of relying on wedge turns and techniques. At this level, poles are introduced.