Red Class Level

Our "red" classes are divided into level 1 (Foundations) and level 2 (Beginning) individuals. These classes are designed for individuals who have just started to ski. At the Foundation Level, we introduce children to skiing who have never been on skis before. At the Beginning Level, we re-introduce the basics to children that may have had a class or two in previous years, but need a refresher of the basics.

At this level they will learn how to-

  • Put their skis on, take them off, and carry them on their own.
  • Stand up after falling down without assistance
  • Glide down a gentle incline and perform a wedge stop. Older children with the coordination may perform a side stop or 'hockey stop' instead.
  • Perform a turn in both directions, but the turn does not have to be linked.

Green Class Level

Our "green" classes are for individuals who can perform the skills from the red classes, but aren't ready for large hills and the chair lift yet. Most of our "green" students have had between 1-2 lessons.

Students with a light green card have most of the basics from the Foundations lesson, but may need another class or two to figure out how to stop. 

Students with a dark green card are ready for the rope tow or the chair, depending on their comfort level. Most students advance out of the Foundations class and onto the rope tow, where they may remain for 2-3 lessons. At the rope tow, they learn how to stop at a higher rate of speed, link turns and navigate a line on skis.

Once they are safely enjoying skiing on the rope tow, they will transition to the chair lift where they will perfect the stopping and turning skills by enjoying easy runs such as High Road/Low Road and Easy Street.

Orange Class Level

Our "orange" classes are for students that have exposure to big, wide hills but are still learning how to tackle a steeper pitch. Generally students will be working on both blue and green runs at this point. We begin to work with students on building speed and fine tuning edge control. If a student is still in the wedge to slow down before a turn or stop, we will begin to transition them to parallel turns. Many students ski in ths level classes for an entire session, as this has the widest variety of progress levels. At the beginning of classes, new students will be "skied off" at a level our instructors feel best matches the information provided at registration. If the student excels beyond that initial placement (or needs a bit more time in a slower-paced class) that adjustment is made before lunch.

Blue Class Level

Mogul busters does offer class levels that can accommodate experienced skiers and snowboarders. These classes are formed out of our orange level and cannot be initially registered for. This ensures that we do not accelerate a child's experience past their ability. If you believe that your child could perform at a Blue Class level then please request they are 'skied off' for placement at their initial lesson, as detailed in the 'Orange' portion above.

Blue Class level students should be "fluent" in the mountain responsibility codes, be confident skiing all levels of terrain up to Black Diamonds and be in a parallel stance while skiing instead of relying on wedge turns and techniques. At this level, poles are introduced.